Self Employed

Sep 2015 - Present, In Odense, DK at Artince Self-employed, developing modern websites and apps for companies. Focus is on communication with the customer and product design in order to satisfy with a product of their needs. Running a small company with few employees gives me a lot of exciting business challenges that differ from [...]

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Software Developer

May 2015 - Present In Kolding, DK at DataSign A/S ✔ Creating the requirement specification and communicating with customers. ✔ Project management: Time estimation, making product backlog, and planning agile such as SCRUM sprints and meetings. ✔ Software Architect: 4 tier architecture, MVC/MVVM, code structure, and design patterns. ✔ Software Developer: OOA/D, database, backend and [...]

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Machine learning intern

Aug 2014 - Jan 2015 (6 months) In Nara, Japan at NAIST Implemented a computer vision-based AI system for animal behavior analysis. Subjects learned: ✔ Matlab ✔ Distributions (Gaussian, Bayesian, PCA, etc.) ✔ Advanced Mathematics ✔ Machine Learning ✔ Image/Video Processing ✔ Japanese Skills acquired: ✔ Artificial Intelligence With work experience brought straight from Japan and [...]

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