Software Development

Feb 2015 – Sep 2016 in Odense, DK.

Software Development at Business Academy Lillebælt.

✔Contract-based Development:
Contracts as coordination mechanism
Specialization of systems and modules by application of contracts
Contracts in global development projects

✔Project Leadership:
Project strategies and project organization
Project organization in context
Quality guarantee
Risk leadership and project planning

✔System Integration:
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Development of software modules for generic systems
Transformation and development of systems for a service oriented architecture
Approaches for system integration

✔Development of large systems:
Partitioning systems into subsystems
Design cooperation between parts on an abstract level
Coordination of global development projects
Patterns and frameworks for design and implementation of large systems

✔Database for Developers:
Database tuning and optimization
Handling of simultaneity on web and distributed databases
Tools for monitoring and optimization of databases

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